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Through The Looking Glass is a collection of visual work inspired by my brief sojourn in Amsterdam working with Ed Kashi and Eyes in Progress. These images were taken during various weather conditions, providing a unique perspective on the lives of the people and the place from my perspective as an intrigued outsider looking in.Amsterdam, known for its picturesque canals and historic architecture, served as the backdrop for this collection. The photographs, captured through glass, offer viewers a window into the city's diverse and dynamic atmosphere. Inclement weather, including rain and mist, adds depth and mood to the scenes, enhancing the atmospheric impressions.Here, I invite viewers to observe Amsterdam from a different angle, providing intimate glimpses into the lives of its residents. These images portray the city beyond its conventional postcard-perfect representations. They capture the everyday beauty and the subtleties of human existence, entwined with the unique charm and character of Amsterdam. "Through The Looking Glass" is a visual exploration that invites us to see this city through the eyes of an outsider, revealing the city's authenticity and its inhabitants' diverse experiences.

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