How Photography For Social Change Can Change the World


Photographs provide us with a powerful way to stir emotions and prompt change throughout the world. From environmental to human rights photography, these photographs have the power to help encourage people to make important changes to the way we live and to our world as a whole. Photography for social change can impact the way that people view one another, expose corruption, and help encourage others to send help to those in need.

One example of a famous picture was the image of a young Syrian refugee taken in September 2015. This striking image of a child washed up on a Turkish beach sparked outrage and exposed the atrocities of war. This is just one example of human rights photography and how one single image can create a massive shift in the way that the public, politicians, and other leaders act. This photograph for social change has the power to wake up the entire world.

Compelling photography allows others’ experiences to be more visible. Using photography for social change can help to break down barriers, inspire others to do more, and showcase the lives of people that many of us would normally never see. There are countless issues that can be exposed via human rights photography. From human trafficking and women’s rights to transgender issues, using photos to show the world what others are going through is an impactful way to make positive changes.

At Visual Life Photojournalism, my goal is to be part of this change by being a visual storyteller of human rights stories that will help to spark not just social change, but also a cultural connection. These stories help us better understand ourselves, and to find commonality with others, no matter who they are or where they live. If you’re interested in working on a photography project or would like to learn more, please contact me today.

Netty Richards. 

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